Twin-Stud Timber Frame

  • Producing high quality Timber Frame Passive Houses since 2007.
  • Wall/floor/roof U-values of 0.10W/(m2.K).
  • Last 10 Air-tightness tests between 0.26-0.56ACH @50Pa.
  • Twin-Stud reduces material costs and increases performance.
  • Over 200 Timber Frame Passive Houses built to date making us the most experienced in the country.
  • Closed Panel walls delivered pre-finished with Cellulose Insulation and triple glazed windows fitted.
  • Walls pre-finished in the factory, so no wet trades are required on site.
  • Factory finished Timber Frame Passive houses have many advantages over traditional construction methods in terms of quality and construction speed.
  • Have a look at our "Passive Budget Build" package for price indications.

Warm Stud

timber frame

Our patented Passive Slab foundation system is certified by the Passive Haus institute as Cold Bridge free at the wall/floor junction and is very compatible with the Twin Stud. You can see how easy it is to run the Radon Barrier with our system; this is the major fault with other systems that normally fail at the door threshold!

Air-tightness is achieved using taped OSB or air-tight membranes on the inside of our timber frame houses. We've achieved excellent Air tightness results as low as 0.3 air changes/hr @50Pa with this method, easily achieving the Passive House standard. Our latest development, the Twin-Stud timber frame totally eliminates Cold Bridging.

timber frame

The 300mm Twin-Stud insulated with densly pumped Cellulose insulation (60kg/m2) achieves a Cold Bridge free wall and roof 0.11W/(m2.K) U-value from the Passive House Institute. Our Timber Frame house walls have a Decrement Degree of over 12 hours giving the house a high thermal mass effect and excellent heat retention. This Timber Frame wall-build up is designed to hold onto heat for a long time when you turn off the heat and to minimise daily temperature fluctuation, Internal MgO board absorbs noise, regulates humidity internally and is impact resistant.

silent floors
Blown Cellulose
Timber Frame
Timber Frame

The silent web-joist middle floors have similar noise transmittance to concrete floors, this can be improved further by installing a 50mm concrete screed.